Adult computer classes start Monday

SILVER CREEK — Are you hoping to improve your tech prowess? David Nowak, an instructor with the Community Education division of Silver Creek Central School District, is offering several computer classes for adults via the fall 2019 session beginning Monday, Sept. 16. Please note: All classes take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Room 193 at the high school on Dickinson Street.

The following are introduction classes to Microsoft Computer Modules (no experience necessary):

¯ Word Module: Open the program and a file, set up your page using the Ribbon of Commands, and do marvelous things with your letters on Monday, Sept 16. Registration: $5.

¯ Excel Module (Spreadsheet): Learn how to develop your spreadsheet; what to include; how to control the columns and rows; how to total and use different formulas on Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 17-18. Bring your addresses to enter. Registration: $10.

¯ Mail Merge: Printing a list of address labels, names, commodity labels, and other types of labels on Thursday, Sept. 19. Registration: $5.

¯ PowerPoint: A brief class covering the basics of developing a video presentation on your favorite subject(s) is set Friday, Sept. 20. Registration: $5.

¯ Excel Spreadsheet: Basic Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet instruction in developing a home inventory or a worksheet. No computer experience necessary. The instructor leads and works directly with the class systematically as they develop and build their document. The basic techniques learned in this class are applicable in other suitable applications such as designing a list, an address book, or other useful schedules. During the last class, the student will utilize the techniques to develop a project of the student’s choice, with help from the instructor. Students should bring with them to class a new inexpensive thumb/flash drive or bring your laptops with installed Excel software to class. This 5-class session runs Monday to Friday, Sept. 23-27. Registration: $25.

¯ Basic Mail Merge Application: Learn how to mail merge labels, envelopes and letters using the three procedures in the Mail Merge application with the Microsoft Suite. Minimum computer experience necessary. The class will be using the Word (Mail Merge) and the Excel (spreadsheet) functions to perform the Mail Merge activity. Take home instructional documents will be copied onto the student’s flash drive. However, the instructor will lead the students through the 8-step process to generate their Mail Merge document. Students should bring with them to class a new inexpensive flash drive (8GB) or extra room (3GB) on a used one. Or bring laptops to class with Microsoft Suite installed. If you choose to bring your laptop, please come early to copy files. Registrants will meet for 5 classes from Monday to Friday, Oct. 7-11. Registration: $25.

¯ Basic PowerPoint Development: Basic PowerPoint instruction in developing a slide show presentation useful in many suitable applications where text, WordArt, SmartArt, ClipArt, pictures, music, videos, transitions, and animations are applied in relating a story or information. Minimum computer experience is helpful but not required. Students will be developing their story (presentation) throughout the class with the help of the instructor. Students should bring with them to class a new/space available thumb/flash drive (minimum of 8 GB needed to copy numerous instructional files). Also bring personal selected items (if desired) to incorporate into their presentation, or use instructor-supplied data. Instead of the flash drive, students can bring their laptops to class with installed PowerPoint 2010 or 2016 software, but please come a bit early to copy the numerous self-help instructional files. Basic 1 and/or Basic 2 can be taken out of sequence.

¯ Basic 1 will cover general and introductory slide material such as setting up the PowerPoint suite for our activity, computer skills, pre- and post-planning, slide construction, adding text and text boxes, Inserting screenshots, screen clippings and snipping items, inserting pictures, SmartArt, Clip Art, WordArt, and default themes. This 5-class session runs Monday to Friday, Nov. 4-8. Registration: $25.

¯ Basic 2 will cover a quick review of Basic 1 and inserting graphs, charts and spreadsheets; audio/video, automation, transitions, and student presentation project. This 5-class session runs Monday to Friday, Nov. 18-22. Registration: $25.

¯ Intermediate 1/Quick Review of Basic 1 & 2: New topics will cover hyperlinks, themes, watermarks & transparency, slide master development, templates, create and print note pages, print slides or handouts, use of various views, delivery and distribution of the presentation in multi medias, and student help with their projects. This 5-class session runs Monday to Friday, Dec. 2-6. Registration: $25

To register, visit http://www.silvercreekschools.org/ and navigate to the “Community Education” page via the Community option on the homepage to download a registration form. To register by phone, call 951-8111 and leave a message with your name, number, and the name of your course(s). You will not receive a confirmation call. If the course is canceled due to insufficient enrollment, you will be called. Send in your money promptly with the registration form and your course fees. (Include separate checks for each person.) You are not permanently registered until we receive your course fee. Money must be received before the class begins. Checks or money orders can be made out to: Silver Creek CS Community Ed. Those age 65 and older qualify for a 15% discount.