Harvest Moon 2019 tonight, Saturday

Submitted Photo Harvest Moon” will bring back a number of well known but deceased Westfield residents.

WESTFIELD — Tonight and Saturday at 8 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Presbyterian Church, a miracle will occur. A number of Westfield’s well known but deceased citizens from years gone by will materialize to share their memories and insights about the Westfield they lived in.

Lake Shore Center for the Arts presents the bi-annual performance of Harvest Moon 2019. This is a theatrical and musical extravaganza bringing back numerous personalities from Westfield’s past. This year in Act 1, former Mayor Shelly Green, Clark Smith from Clark’s TV, Judge Ken Hemmer, trumpeter extraordinaire Mattie Mathews, Republican reporter Maureen Ross, educators Margaret Locke and Elsie McCuthcheon and area photographer Johnny Alexander will share time and insights with the audience reminiscing and commenting on life in Westfield.

Act 2 will focus on Westfield soldiers and Red Cross staff who served during World War II. Included will be William P. Jackway, Morris Thomas, Robert Todd, Connie Nixon, Roger Waite, Peter Turkovich and Vinnie Calarco. Hear their stories and remembrances from either themselves, a relative or cast member. These are intriguing and emotional tales. Any and all living World War II veterans are invited to attend either evening as our guests and they will be recognized for their service in WWII within the play. Finally, the 20 Westfield soldiers who gave their lives during the war will be recognized and honored. It will be a fitting tribute to those that have served their country.

The play is written by Rick Mascaro, directed by Rick Mascaro and Sue Poster and features “Doc” Hamels, Martin Hemmer, Mark Smith, Kelly Mathews, Sue Ann Mills, Joan Caruso, Bill Karrow, Brenda Backus, Cristi Herbst, Virginia Carr, John Daily, Libby Sciarrino, Laura Backus and Emily Archer.

Tickets are $15 cash at the door. Please enter through the main church doors off the park. There are 300 seats available, so being seated will not be a problem. Come out for this bi-annual Westfield theatrical tradition. It is a touching and enjoyable evening followed by an included reception after the play for all attendees. Call 716-224-2135 with any questions.

The church is located off Moore Park, 49 South Portage Street, Westfield, NY 14787. Parking is on the street, in the church parking lot or the village parking lot on Elm.


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