Marvin Bjurlin hosting a stop during pottery tour

Submitted Photo Pictured is artist Marv Bjurlin.

Marvin Bjurlin at 25 Maple Ave., Fredonia, will be hosting a stop during this year’s Chautauqua Pottery Tour, which takes place this today and Sunday. He will be joined by artists Linda Currier, Sally Danforth and Joe Moosman.

“I started playing with clay more than 60 years ago having no idea it could turn into a profession,” said Bjurlin. “Now, after teaching college level ceramics for a full career, I continue to enjoy the endless opportunity to make things in the ceramic medium. My current work is all fired in wood burning kilns at my Sheridan, NY, Kiln Site. I find this process very satisfying because no two pieces ever come out alike. As a decorative motif, I impress slab built functional forms with leaves from my organic vegetable garden adjacent to my studio. In this way I purposefully marry two of my passions, dirt and clay.”

Artist Linda Currier will also be available today and Sunday.

When asked about her clay work, she responded, “I’m not a potter, but I live with many clay objects. I’ve always been attracted to clay and handmade things. For example, I use texture on my surfaces and that comes from years of knitting and gardening. I value the time and energy that go into the pieces.”

Currier notes she creates textures by rolling slabs of clay and applying slips that she allows to setup. Then she rolls and bends the pieces, so they crack, creating more texture.

Pictured is artist Joe Moosman.

“I first took clay classes in the early ’80s at Auburn University and learned to throw on a kick wheel,” she said.

When asked what life lesson has clay taught her, she responded, “Patience! Usually, I am in a rush to get things done, but clay doesn’t allow you to do that. It’s certainly a patient process.”

Tour Chautauqua County today and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to visit local potters in their studios, learn about their process and see new work available for purchase. Studios include: Mudslingers (Ron Nasca with Ted Lee, Amy Snyder, Jake Swanson, Sarah Zielonka) at 18 Water St., Fredonia; Lisa Eppolito with Jess Simmons and Ann Mormile at 261 Seymour St. Fredonia; Marcia Merrins with Paula Coats at 42 Rosalyn Court, Fredonia; Marvin Bjurlin with Randy Crawford, Linda Currier, Sally Danforth and Joe Moosman at 25 Maple Ave., Fredonia; Jim and Pat Reno at 6007 Route 54, Dewittville; and Audrey Dowling, Portage Hill Art Gallery, 6439 Portage Road, Westfield.

For details, see the Facebook page Chautauquapotterystudiotour.

Pictured is work by Linda Currier.


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