Pearl Harbor remembered in Sunset Bay

Ceremonies today by the Silver Creek American Legion and VFW. Photo by Joan Lisa

Pearl Harbor Day 2019 ceremonies were held at Sunset Bay Boat Launch on Saturday. According to James Lisa, these small group of veterans from the Silver Creek VFW and American Legion Post 6472 keep a day that shall live in infamy Pearl Harbor Day in the minds of the public we shall never forget as long as we remember the sacrifices of that day.

The attack on American soil in Hawaii occurred 78 years ago. “Most World War II veterans are gone my dad one of them who just passed away at the age of 96 who served in Africa & Italy their likes are never to be seen again they came from the greatest generation,” said Lisa, a Silver Creek resident. “But our country is in good hands our young soldiers and sailors are doing a great job and are to be commended God bless all that serve and to all those who ever took an oath to defend this country with their life.”


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