Silver Creek accepting home improvement funds applications until Monday

SILVER CREEK — Time is running out regarding the village’s pre-application process for this year’s round of Community Block Grant Funding.

The village could receive upwards of $500,000 from the Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation & Improvement Corp. (CHRIC), so residents are encouraged to apply.

The following requirements for homeowners are that they must be current on mortgage and taxes and have homeowners insurance. If the grant is awarded, applicants will be eligible for free replacement of energy efficient windows, doors, siding, architectural roofing shingles, hot water tanks, heating systems (furnaces) and electric system upgrades. The 2019 income limits are: $37,120 for one person; $42,400 for two people; $47,680 for three; $52,960 for four; $57,200 for five; $61,440 for six; $65,680 for seven and $69,920 for eight.

The pre-applications are due in the village clerk’s office by Monday and residents are reminded that a full application will also need to be filled out at a later date.

If residents have any questions, please contact Eileen Powers at the CHRIC office at 753-4653 or the village clerk’s office at 934-3240.


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