Lake Shore schools start next project part

Crews lay the ground work for an addition to Lake Shore High School by scraping surface soil and getting the ground ready for major construction.

ANGOLA — Phase 2 of Lake Shore Central School District’s Capital Project has begun.

The Capital Project is designed to address important repairs, renovations, and improvements to district buildings and grounds.

Phase 2 began on January 1 with a new traffic pattern at Lake Shore Middle School. The existing front building entrance, parking lot, and drop off loop are closed for construction and the temporary Main Entrance is located in the back of the school.

Crews have started putting up temporary walls in Lake Shore Middle School to block off the construction areas. This allows crews to work quietly, quickly, and efficiently without disrupting the school day.

Phase 2 construction at Lake Shore High School began Feb. 3. Crews have started scraping surface soil in preparation for new technology classrooms and instruction areas, as well as an athletic entrance with a concession area and indoor restrooms for athletic events.


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