Dunkirk City School District releases budget plan

The Dunkirk City School District has shared its budget outline for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

As it stands, the district is looking at a total budget cost of $49,758,733. It harbors an increase in the budget from last year of $1,911,184 or 3.99% with the majority of the increased costs coming from the instruction line; that line is showing an increase of $1,633,468. Superintendent Michael Mansfield stated that the cost accumulated is coming from a combination of technology, special needs and alternative needs for students.

Other increases included $105,977 in transportation costs, $11,584 in community services and undistributed funds of $411,306. There is a decrease in the general support line of $251,151.

It was important to the district that there is no tax levy increase and no cuts to student programs.

“There was some concerns over this budget because of COVID-19,” Mansfield said. “So it was important that we didn’t put an unneeded financial stress on residents so we are using some of our savings to fund most of this.”

Also on the ballot this year is a planned facilities upgrade of $10,766,730, which also will have no affect on tax payers. The upgrade will include secure vestibules with bullet-resistant transaction windows at key access points, security window film at key access points and upgrades to fire pull stations and strobes. Cooling at cafeterias in schools 3,4 and 5, boiler replacements and culvert replacement at the high school is also included in phases 1 and 2 of the upgrade.

Phase 3 will see some improvements to School 7 and the middle school. School 7 will gain secure entrance additions mentioned in phase 1 as well as interior administrative and classroom alterations at new entrance. The middle school will have curtain wall and seating replacement in the auditorium along with elevator control upgrades.

On the ballot as well is an establishment of a capital improvement reserve fund and three board of education seats up for election. All ballots this year are absentee and were mailed out Thursday. If more information is needed, the district asks voters to visit dunkirkcsd.org or to email district clerk Tracy Ossman at tossman@dunkirkcsd.org.


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