Officials discuss commencement, food drive

Members of the Dunkirk City School District talked in a Thursday workshop about their commencement plans and an upcoming community driven food drive for FeedMore WNY.

As of right now, commencement is still up in the air and depends greatly on state and county executive orders to outline what the district can and cannot do.

“Right now we are talking about alternative plans to graduation this year,” Superintendent Michael Mansfield told the OBSERVER Friday. “There’s a possibility we might do an outdoor one and are scouting locations for that though a virtual commencement has also been mentioned.”

According to Mansfield, many school districts around the country have had great luck with a virtual one and so the district is leaning towards that option. Parents and attendees are asked to save the date of June 27 if an outdoor one becomes the choice with a rain date of the 28 if need be.

Mansfield also took some time to talk about a food drive the district is planning to host around the middle of next month.

“FeedMore WNY gives back so much locally we want to do something positive for them,” Mansfield said. “We are hoping that businesses and community member will gather to help in this cause. So much help is needed with the pandemic going on.”

The district is looking for anyone interested on helping out to bring food and donations to the Dunkirk High School on June 13 between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.


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