State Assembly candidate claims that she’s receiving threats

Christina Cardinale, D-Jamestown. Submitted Photo

After receiving threats of violence, the Democratic Party candidate for the 150th Assembly District wants to set the record straight about her beliefs.

Christina Cardinale, D-Jamestown, wants the voters of Chautauqua County to know she is an advocate of responsible gun ownership.

“I am also pro-Second Amendment. I grew up in a pro-gun household, with a parent who is an avid hunter. I was taught the necessary skills and knowledge for gun ownership at a very young age,” she said.

Cardinale said she wants people to know she is pro-Second Amendment after receiving threats of violence because it’s assumed she is pro-gun control because she is a Democrat.

“There seems to be a misunderstanding. I’ve received threats from individuals who are pro-Second Amendment,” she said.

Cardinale said she is speaking out after receiving numerous threatening messages and emails the past few weeks. She is requesting patience and understanding from the community.

“I identify as an independent Democrat. That may sound odd at first, but, ideologies are so divided right now, that’s the best way I can define myself,” she said. “I like to think independently. I don’t follow any politician blindly. I won’t base my decisions on partisanship. I’m interested in Chautauqua County’s best interest, not taking sides.”

Cardinale said her affiliation with the Democratic party has also led to threatening messages containing references to socialism or politicians who identify as Democratic Socialists of America.

“I think some assumptions are being made. I’m being compared to other political figures in the Democratic Party,” she said. “I’m happy to ease the concerns of the community. I’m pro-gun. I’m not a socialist. I’m not going to infringe on the rights of Americans. I’m on your side. I’m not the enemy.”

Cardinale said she wants peace among community members and stresses the importance of working together.

“I want to work together and move Chautauqua County forward,” she said. “Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, I respect your individuality and beliefs as constituents. All I ask is for the same in return.”

Cardinale is challenging incumbent Andy Goodell, R-Jamestown, in the Assembly race this November.


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