The Chautauqua Center receives telehealth grant

The Chautauqua Center is receiving a $164,634 telehealth grant to pay for tablets, servers, desktop and laptop computers in order to provide remote diagnostic services and remote treatment for COVID-19 patients as well as other patients.

“Increasing the telehealth capacity of our medical facilities is imperative during this time,” said U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning. “We care about making sure medical care is available to those in need of it, which is why we pushed for this funding for The Chautauqua Center. It is only fair that we continue to fight for the resources our healthcare facilities need.”

“The Chautauqua Center has been working diligently to implement protocols and procedures that create a safe environment for our staff, patients and the general community to receive much needed care,” said Micheal Pease, The Chautauqua Center chief executive officer. “As a part of this plan we had implemented some limited telehealth services. In securing these crucial grant funds we can now expand our telehealth offerings for primary care, behavioral and oral health services. We believe that patients should have the option to participate in telehealth visits both now during this difficult time and in the future.”


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