Hanover supports county EMS coverage

HANOVER – The Town Board backed the efforts of Chautauqua County Emergency Medical Services to convert their municipal Certificate of Need to a permanent operating certificate.

With little discussion, the board made the motion and gave unanimous support for this plan, which would allow the unit to respond to all calls in Chautauqua County.

Though these services will cost the person needing them, residents in the towns of Sheridan and Dunkirk may now have — if passed by all municipalities –reliant EMS coverage. “The only way it would affect the town of Hanover is that we would have additional coverage,” Todd Johnson, supervisor, said. “If we do not have a crew, or if we need an additional ambulance, they would come to our location they could provide that.”

The end result of these efforts is to provide EMS coverage for the whole county, especially those who do not have any ambulance services.


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