Mitrano supports Harris as Biden running mate

Tracy Mitrano, the Democratic candidate running for Congress, said she approves of Kamala Harris as former Vice President Joe Biden’s running mate.

“I think she is an excellent choice,” Mitrano said. “Had she stayed in the race, I might’ve voted for her. I think it was a great choice for the Democrats to make.”

Mitrano said the Democrats would be an improvement over the current administration.

“The racist insults he (Trump) is already slinging are distractions to the failure of his own record,” she said. “Biden and Harris are dedicated to getting this country over the public health and economical crisis we are in at the moment. … Compared to the Trump and Pence ticket, what I feel there is negativity, resentment, hatred, racism and backward looking policies on such important issues.”

Mitrano believes Harris will bring to the country diversity, as she is a woman of color. She will also “admit evolution” on issues, such as police brutality. Mitrano explained that Harris will help police move from a military model to a public service model. She said she will help broaden the conversation of police brutality and take it away from the one side or the other perspective when it comes to the police or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Mitrano also said that Harris will help the country to lower prescription medications and costs of healthcare as that is one of her main focus points.

“I firmly believe in the constituents in this district and the people in the United States that they will choose to move in a direction that is positive and offers opportunity for us to move beyond this crisis and this country into a better place,” she said.


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