Schmidt receives Dunkirk Police endorsement

Jason Schmidt, candidate for Chautauqua County district attorney, received an unprecedented endorsement of his candidacy by the Dunkirk Police Benevolent Association, comprised of police officers and detectives of the Dunkirk Police Department. This endorsement marks the first time the Dunkirk Police have chosen to endorse a district attorney candidate in memory.

In deciding to endorse, Dunkirk PBA members stated that Schmidt’s “matter of fact and hopeful approach to our community’s problems and needs is what we believe would serve our community best.” The endorsement also focused on Schmidt’s “Victims First” vision which, they noted, is “critical to creating a safe community where both citizens and law enforcement can build upon and maintain a relationship of trust and understanding.”

“We believe that if you are elected you will put in the necessary work and deliver results for the residents of Chautauqua County,” reads the endorsement.

Schmidt is a known entity to the Dunkirk Police, both as a former prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, a factor pointed to in the endorsement. As stated in the endorsement, “many of our officers and detectives worked with you when you were a prosecutor and many have also been on the other side when you were the defense attorney. We know you are a good attorney who knows both sides of the system and your experience and skills will benefit us as we work the hard cases.”

“I cut my teeth as a prosecutor with many of these officers and detective in the Dunkirk Police Department,” said Schmidt. “We worked together to win tough cases and get convictions. I’m honored they have thrown their support behind me and I’m looking forward to working with them all again to bring justice to victims of crimes in Dunkirk and across Chautauqua County.”

Schmidt has been working in the criminal justice system for more than 15 years in and around Chautauqua County. He was also involved in the first federal trial in the Western District of New York following the COVID-19 shutdown.


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