Mitrano making final pitch for voters

Tracy Mitrano wrapped up her weekly campaign calls on Thursday, highlighting that the 23rd Congressional District has a choice for new leadership in the state.

Making clear her wants and aspirations for the district, Mitrano ended her weekly campaign calls with a summary on what her goals are and why it is important to vote for change.

One of Mitrano’s most sought after goals in her campaign is the need for more affordable health care. She believes that this is what the United States needs and the incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, has done nothing but vote against any changes toward healthcare. “I am for affordable health care. I have not backed a specific plan, but I have established goals for congress to write legislation and enact it,” said the Penn Yan Democrat. “That’s going to move us towards more affordable, more available, and more efficient healthcare in the United States.”

According to Mitrano, Reed voted against health care every single time it has come before his desk, including the bill that would have and does preserve protection for pre-existing conditions. When it comes to education, according to Mitrano, Reed has also not done anything to help from pre-k right on up through professional and graduate support.

“We know through people that we talk to that he has been uninformed ever-critic of the state system (SUNY schools),” she said. “He is demanding that presidents of the universities decrease the tuition. He doesn’t understand that it’s a state system and that it is the republican dominated legislature that has reduced the percentage that it affords to the state university system, which is why, in large part, why tuitions have gone up.”

To change this, if Mitrano is elected she promises that she will fight for better legislation to allow for tuitions to go down, to fight for lower interest rates for students, and to strive for forgiveness of loans if appropriate.

Mitrano also claims that Reed has not proposed or supported anything to help the young children in education either. She stated that he has not uttered any concern about the inequalities that the district has in their K-12 public education.

“I want to be sure there is sufficient federal funding for some form of pre-k education for every child in this district that by age three they are in some form of socialized education,” she said. “It’s how we are going to better prepare our children. … It’s important that children at a young age have a place to go. It would be guaranteed for every child because every study shows that a child who goes into a head start program does better in life.”

This led to a conversation about Mitrano accusing Reed of paying his taxes late or avoiding them, while she has always paid her taxes on time. “The people in the 23rd district have a choice. They can choose someone who has a vision and a professional background that is noted for being a change agent and getting results,” she said. “Reed will not, does not, and I don’t think he can bring that kind of vision, make that kind of effort, or offer the positive change that the people in this district tell me that they need and want.”


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