Common Council passes PBA contract

The Dunkirk Common Council passed a unanimous vote at its Nov. 3 meeting for the Police Benevolent Association contract.

Following an executive session where information was shared more throughly, Mayor Wilfred Rosas stated that “there was discussion made on my behalf with the Councilman-at-large regarding this contract and the information. The agreement was we would not be putting out any information until the executive session. This was not the administration withholding information, this was the administration following the wishes of this council.”

Councilman-at-large Paul VanDenVouver said it was a miscommunication with some council members that they weren’t going to see the contract until the night of the voting.

“I didn’t think it was necessary, I didn’t want it to get out to the public prior to the meeting tonight,” VanDenVouver said. “I want everyone to look at it and review it all at once. I didn’t want the contract to get out before the council could speak to it as a group with the city attorney, city treasurer, fiscal affairs officer and the mayor altogether.”

First Ward Councilmen Don Williams had earlier questioned the receipt of the contract for vote on the day of the meeting and added, following the executive session that he understands where VanDenVouver was coming from. Williams did however cite confidential files that were sometimes issued to council members a few days prior.


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