Weatherization bags handed out on tent day

Southwestern Independent Living Center’s Judy Wroda and SNAP representative Alana Meyers recently stood under a blue tent at SILC’s office on the corner of Main and Tenth streets and handed out weatherization bags donated by National Fuel in the final day of outdoor tent availability this year.

The bags contained items to weatherize homes as well as information about many area service providers, such as The Chautauqua Center, The Resource Center, WIC, SNAP, OFA, Prevention Works, Chautauqua County Mental Hygiene, a listing of emergency services provided by Catholic Charities, CAP, Healthy Community Alliance, as well as SILC and all of the services they offer the county.

Wroda said agencies are very willing to share their information and to assist, but getting to those who need assistance has been a challenge. She said many agencies collaborate to find ways to help county residents. Small events like tent days allowed people to walk by and pick up materials. Wroda states when the tent is set up, people can talk with her and voice their concerns while she can then help them find the correct services or enroll them in services.

While tent events are finished for 2020, Wroda said she is available by calling 450-3960. The Southwestern Independent Living Center can be reached at 661-3010, SNAP assistance is available by calling 244-7337, the Child Advocacy Program can be reached at 338-9844, WIC is available at 218-1484, the Office for the Aging is available at 661-7582 and Catholic Charities is available at 484-9188.


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