Gas pipeline to be installed on Seymour Street in Fredonia

P&H Gas LLC located on Webster Road in Fredonia is putting in a new gas line on Seymour Street in the village this year.

At a recent meeting of the Pomfret Town Board the board granted a right of way to the company to install two two-inch low pressure pipeline appurtenant equipment. The pipeline can be used for the transportation of gas, oil, petroleum products or other materials.

“They’ve given me everything that is required by our permit except for the money,” town Highway Superintendent Jude Gardner said. “They’ve given me the letter, a map, they told me when and where,”

Town attorney Jeff Passafaro asked if it would interfere with anything that’s in the right of way or anything that the town may have planned, Garner said no. “They’re not going across the right of way, they’re going along the right of way for 342 feet,” he said. “They’re not going under the road, they’re not cutting the road, it’s in the town right of way on the side of the road.”

There is no known starting date.


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