Sampling of private water wells in Mayville completed

MAYVILLE — In response to the village of Mayville’s drinking water emergency, the Chautauqua County Health Department, New York State Department of Health and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation teamed up to sample private drinking water wells within a 1-mile radius of the village of Mayville’s contaminated wells.

This sampling was done to determine if these private wells were also contaminated with Perfluorononanoic Acid.

Twenty-five private wells were sampled on Dec. 19 and test results received on Dec. 30 show that none of the six Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances tested for were found at levels above the laboratory’s reporting limits. This includes PFNA, the contaminant found in the village’s water wells, which sparked a “Do Not Drink” water advisory for customers.

“These results are great news for everyone in the Mayville area who relies on private wells for drinking water,” said Christine Schuyler, county public health director. “They show that private wells within one mile of the village’s contaminated wells are PFAS-free, suggesting that private wells further out are also PFAS-free.”

The “Do Not Drink” water advisory issued on Dec. 10 was lifted on Dec. 24 after a new well was quickly brought on line to replace the contaminated wells and the village’s water system was flushed out. Ongoing sampling in the public water system shows the water is safe to drink.


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