Hanover approves water-meter purchase

HANOVER — The Town Board last week awarded the contract for the purchase of 300 to 950 water meters for the purposes of going to a driveby meter system.

The Board received five bids for the project and weighed each accordingly, both based on dollar amount and what each individual bid had to offer. In the end, the lowest two bids were compared against each other and sent around the board for evaluation. The lowest bids were selected in the best interest of the town. The difference between the two lowest bids was $2,500, but there were a few catches.

“The lowest bid, from FW Webb, has a yearly software management fee yearly of $2,100,” said Wastewater Superintendent Rob Weiskerger. “On top of a $250 per hour tech support fee. There will be lots of hours in the first year for tech support, and that cost would be something we would want to stay away from.”

The other lowest bid, from Everett J. Prescott, has a yearly tech support fee of $1,200 but it was waived for the first year.

The Hanover Town Board has a pre-existing relationship with Everett J. Prescott, and like the services they provide. Ultimately Weiskerger recommended the Town accept the Prescott bid. Ultimately, the board authorized and approved the purchase of all 950 meters, which includes the delivery and hardwiring and software necessary to use them from Everett J. Prescott. The total cost is not to exceed $175,105, all of which must be spent by the end of 2021.


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