Local law pulled after Ellington residents voice opposition

ELLINGTON — Ellington residents loudly opposed additional town regulation of travel trailers.

Forty Ellington residents were in attendance at a public hearing held recently in the town’s Highway Department garage. The meeting was called to order by Karen Bifaro, town supervisor. Also in attendance were board members Jeff Reynolds, Kevin Colburn, David Brainard, Brad Griffith and secretary Karen Conti.

Initially, the proposed law was written by the town’s attorney in response to the fact that there are travel trailers parked on residents’ lawns and vacant lots within the town’s boundaries. Questions regarding the trailers’ sewage systems, safe drinking water and heating arose due to the fact that travel trailers are neither suitable nor intended for habitation year round.

Local Law 1 would have required the owners of the travel trailers to purchase a permit for each trailer on a property, allowing the town to make sure code officials knew where the trailers are and that the code enforcement officer could make sure people weren’t living in the trailers all year. There would have been a $15 fee for each trailer.

One resident said permits and code officer enforcement aren’t necessary because a telephone call to the county Health Department is all that is needed to ensure a check of the property. Several noted that town residents pay more than enough in town taxes and didn’t want to pay additional fees for duties that can be handled by the county.

Bifaro said there was much language in the proposed law that needed to be changed, and it was suggested that the proposed law be tabled for further review. Residents countered that the law was an overbearing law and should go no further.

A motion to recede the proposed law, with Reynolds making the motion with support from Griffith. The proposed law was receded.


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