Sinclairville Senior Citizens Hear About West Point

SINCLAIRVILLE — The Sinclairville Senior Citizens met on Oct. 12 in the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room.

President LouAnn Smith welcomed all to the gathering, and Pastor Phil Shay led all in a prayer before the luncheon. All those attending brought a dish of food to share.

Festive table decorations and candy were provided by Lori Polizzi. Treasurer Charles Sylvester gave the financial report of the group, and the minutes of the previous meeting were read by Smith.

Susan Sipos was recognized for her birthday, and the birthday song was sung.

Past President Diman Smith and Commander of the Sons of the American Legion told about the tour to West Point. The campus he said is 3,000 acres, which includes marching fields, training fields and sports fields. The chapel he said has the second largest pipe organ. The tour was many hours long and well worth it said Smith.

Oct. 12 was the 129th anniversary of when the Pledge of Allegiance was first said by millions of school children at 2 p.m. John Sipos gave the history of the Pledge of Allegiance, which originally had 22 words and was written to be said in 15 seconds. Over the years, more words have been added including the phrase “One nation under God” by president Eisenhower in 1954. The phrase was from one of President Lincoln’s speeches. The Pledge of Allegiance now has 31 words.

With that history, all said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Prizes were awarded to the following recipients by Smith: Susan Sipos, John Sipos, Peter Skillman, Diman Smith, LouAnn Smith, Helen Runge, Russell Delahoy, Lori Polizzi, Carolyn Hendrickson, Linda Parmenter, and Jim Hendrickson.

The next gathering is on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at noon at the Sinclairville Fire Hall dining room. This will be the Thanksgiving meal.

Smith said she will provide the turkey, gravy, stuffing and homemade bread, and all those attending are asked to bring a dish of food to add to the meal and their own table service. New members are always welcome.


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