Westfield Memorial brings in germ killing robotic technology

Submitted Photo Shown, left to right, are Environmental Services Housekeeper, Kaitlin Mason, Barry Wright, Facilities Manager, and Housekeeper Emily Genthner, with the robot.

WESTFIELD — AHN Westfield Memorial Hospital has added an extra layer of infection protection for staff and patients recently, investing in a special robotic technology that enters rooms that have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and further disinfects using ultraviolet light.

The Xenex Robot disinfects empty rooms such as isolation rooms, operating rooms, general patient care rooms, contact precaution areas, emergency rooms, bathrooms, and public spaces.

The UVC light breaks up the DNA of harmful bacteria and viruses, eliminating chances of infection.

“Once the room is empty and has undergone a standard cleaning, an associate follows the Robot into the room and runs a cycle around the bed and in other places in the room, adding another layer of protection to the hospital’s disinfection process,” said Kathy Walczak, Westfield Memorial Hospital nurse manager and infection control head nurse. “The ultraviolet light kills pathogens that can cause infection. It kills MRSA, Cdiff, VRE, and Coronavirus.”

According to Walczak, the robot is used every day on all shifts.

“During pandemic, and every day, it is part of our commitment to safety for both patients and staff,” said Rodney Buchanan, WMH administrator.


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