Sempolinski off to ‘running’ start

U.S. Rep. Joe Sempolinski is embracing his first weeks of serving in the House of Representatives.

In his first conference call with area media on Wednesday morning, Sempolinski highlighted efforts to “hit the ground running” while noting he remains committed to those he serves for in the Southern Tier counties for the remaining three months. “What’s primary is I want to hear from people in the community,” he said in regard to his scheduled discussion with the Chautauqua County Chamber of Commerce that takes place on Friday morning at Moon Brook Country Club. “A good elected official at any level of government is going to always be listening to the people they work for and I work for the people of the 23rd district.”

Offices for the district around the region, including the one in Jamestown, are again staffed and open after being temporarily shuttered after his election on Aug. 23. “I’m very happy that we’ve made the progress we have over the last week with so many of the district staff willing to stay on,” he said. “I believe that function of the office should be the highest priority for any member of Congress regardless of geography or party.”

He also talked about his effort to co-sponsor the 9/11 Responder and Survivor Health Funding Correction Act with his colleagues from New York state. The legislation aims to ensure that those who responded to that horrific event 21 years ago have access to health care for illnesses connected to the attacks on America.

Since being sworn in on Sept. 13 to fill out the remainder of former Congressman Tom Reed’s term, he has been appointed to serve on the Education and Labor Committee and Budget Committee. Reed announced his resignation in May.


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