Chautauqua town tops sales in 2022 of $250,000+

When it comes to the top real estate sales in Chautauqua County, not too surprisingly, it’s the communities on Chautauqua Lake that generally do the best.

The Post-Journal and OBSERVER has been analyzing real estate sales in the county and looked at the residence and business transactions that were $250,000 or higher.

Using that benchmark, there were 425 sales that qualified.

The town of Chautauqua had the highest number of individual sales $250,000 or higher in 2022, with 66 transactions. Of that amount, 24 were in Chautauqua Institution and five were in the village of Mayville. Chautauqua Institution had the highest individual residential sale in 2022, with 76 North Lake Drive selling for $4,999,999.

After the town of Chautauqua, Busti had the second highest amount of sales $250,000 or higher in 2022, with 52 transactions. Of that amount, 31 were in the village of Lakewood. The 31 sales was also the highest number of any village in the county.

Coming in third for sales in 2022 that were $250,000 or higher was Ellery with 51 transactions, just one fewer than Busti. Of the 51 sales, eight of them were in the village of Bemus Point. Ellery also had the highest residential home sale, excluding Chautauqua Institution. In October, 4431 Lakeside Drive, Ellery was sold for $1.7 million. It, along with 66 North Lake Drive, Chautauqua Institution, were the only residential sales that topped $1 million.

Fourth for sales in 2022 that were $250,000 or higher was Ellicott, with 32 transactions. Of that total, two were in the village of Falconer and two were in the village of Celoron. Ellicott also had the highest number of sales of any municipality $1 million or higher, with seven. There were 23 million dollar sales recorded in 2022, with 21 being business or development properties.

Fifth for sales in 2022 that were $250,000 was the town of Pomfret with 35. It’s the highest non-Chautauqua Lake community. Of the 35 sales, 20 were in the village of Fredonia.

After Pomfret, Hanover was next with 24 sales $250,000 or higher. Of the 24 sales, seven were in the village of Silver Creek.

Seventh for communities with sales $250,000 or higher was the city of Jamestown with 22. Three of the single transactions were higher than $1 million, although two of the three were involving multiple parcels. The highest sale in the city was for the former Rite Aid building at 811 North Main St., which sold for $2,948,763. At the time of the sale, Rite Aid was still occupying the building.

After Jamestown was Westfield with 20 sales $250,000 or higher, followed by North Harmony with 16 and Mina with 12.

The remaining 16 municipalities were all were in single digits.

There were eight sales each in the towns of Poland, Portland, and Sheridan. The village of Brocton, which sits in Portland, did not have any sales recorded $250,000 or higher.

Clymer had six sales $250,000 or higher, while Carroll, Ellington, Harmony and Ripley all had five sales.

Both the city of Dunkirk and the town of Dunkirk had four sales $250,000 or higher, as did the towns of Cherry Creek, Kiantone and Stockton. Of Stockton’s four sales, two were in the village of Cassadaga.

The towns of Arkwright, Charlotte, French Creek, and Sherman each had three sales $250,000 or higher, while the town of Gerry had two sales in that range.

Villenova was the only town in the county that did not have a single sale $250,000 or higher.

There were also seven transactions that involved multiple properties in more than one municipality.


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