‘Lexy’ memorial to be dedicated Saturday

P-J photo by Timothy Frudd Pictured is Melissa Paterniti, a local Jamestown resident who helped organize the memorial bench and picnic table for Alexis Hughan.

The Dow Park memorial bench and picnic table in honor of Alexis “Lexy” Hughan will be dedicated this Saturday, following a community-led effort spearheaded by local resident Melissa Paterniti.

The memorial at Dow Park in honor of Hughan, who was killed in a tractor-trailer accident in December of 2021 was first proposed to City Council members by Paterniti in December of 2022.

Earlier this year, Paterniti hosted a fundraising event at the YWCA Lake Lodge in Lakewood, raising $5,072 for the bench and picnic table, which she estimated would cost over $2,500.

With the fundraising completed for the project and both the bench and picnic table completed, Paterniti shared the news of the upcoming dedication event with City Council members during the public comments portion of Monday’s work session meeting.

“I’m excited to come here tonight and tell you all and invite you all to Dow Park on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. to dedicate and donate the bench and the picnic table to the city of Jamestown in memory of Lexy Hughan,” she said.

Paterniti told the City Council that the memorial bench and picnic table for Hughan would not have been possible without “everybody’s participation.” She emphasized the importance of having the involvement of the community and the donations of many people in Jamestown that contributed to the cause.

“Myself being there and being able to do this for the city of Jamestown and the parents of Lexy Hughan is just astronomical,” she said. “I couldn’t have planned this better. I mean, it started as an idea on an index card, and it’s come to fruition within six months, less than six months, and it just gives me chills up the back of my head.”

Paterniti explained that city officials and members of the public are welcome to attend the dedication of the bench and picnic table at Dow Park on Saturday. Paterniti added that she is hoping to have a “good turnout” for the event honoring the memory of Hughan.


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