Dunkirk schools give the gift of reading with library cards

As part of its literacy initiative, the Dunkirk City School District announced that it will now issue Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System cards to interested students ages 14 and older.

“This holiday season, we are pleased to be able to give the gift of reading to our students,” said Superintendent Michael Mansfield.

The primary focus for the district this school year is literacy, and Mansfield says that the goal is for every student to be reading at grade level as they enter third grade.

“The importance of functional literacy for our students cannot be overstated; it is fundamental to their success in school and beyond,” he said.

Dunkirk students aged 14 and above can now apply for a library card in the secondary guidance office, where staff will confirm their home address and validate the application. Library cards will be distributed to applicants within one week.

“Previously, when a teen wished to apply for a library card, we’d request a piece of mail from home or a note from the guidance office in order to verify the address in the registration system,” explained Dunkirk Public Library Director Jason Hammond.

“By partnering with the school district, which has the required information on hand, we will streamline the process for students and get them reading quicker,” he said.

Mansfield went on to explain that the district’s often overlooked tagline, “Whatever It Takes,” is actually quite an important commitment — one that the Dunkirk Public Library was happy to make.

“This school year, we asked students, parents/guardians, teachers, business owners, and community partners to join us in doing ‘whatever it takes’ to support student learning,” he said. “This partnership with the Dunkirk Public Library is a perfect example of how community collaboration can make a powerful difference in the lives of our students.”

Hammond added, “A student with a valid library card has access to materials from over 30 CCLS partner locations, the resources housed in our Public Computing Center, and an abundance of audio, video, and eBook content provided by the Libby app.”


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