Lake group opposes herbicides near Mayville

OBSERVER Photo by Gregory Bacon Jane Conroe with the Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium said they oppose the spraying of herbicides off Mayville’s shores.

MAYVILLE — While one lake group is asking village leaders to consider allowing the use of herbicides in Chautauqua Lake, another group is expressing opposition.

On Feb. 6, Jackie Damore with the Chautauqua Lake Partnership attended a Mayville Village Board meeting and invited leaders to consider allowing herbicides.

The following week, Jane Conroe with the Chautauqua-Conewango Consortium attended the Chautauqua Town Board meeting to express their opposition. The Chautauqua Town Board does not have final authority over Mayville’s decision, however the town has generally opposed herbicides because it has two water districts in the town that draw water from Chautauqua Lake.

Conroe said she disagrees with some of the statements Damore made during the village board presentation, including the impact that herbicides have on native weeds and the impact herbicides have on phosphorus content in the lake.

She presented a two-page report to the town board, expressing her concerns. Afterward, the board thanked her for her comments.

After the meeting, Conroe said they’re not necessarily opposed to all herbicides, but does not support the chemicals near Mayville, saying it is not needed. They’re concerned about both Chautauqua’s public water districts as well as the nearby fish hatchery.

In other business:

— The Chautauqua Town Board voted 3-1 to hire a planning firm for the town in its development of a Comprehensive Plan. The cost is $110,000. The money will be divided between the village of Mayville, the town of Chautauqua, and a state grant, with each paying roughly one-third of the cost. The town board has been working with the village for more than a year to develop a Comprehensive Plan. Supervisor Don Emhart voted against it. During discussion, he expressed concerns about the cost of the engineering firm.

— The town board will hold a public hearing on March 13 on the proposed Water District #5. This district will run along Route 394 between Chautauqua Institution and the village of Mayville.


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