Langworthy announces USDA purchase of surplus Concord grape juice from state growers

WASHINGTON — After U.S. Rep. Nick Langworthy (NY-23) penned a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the agency has committed to purchasing $45 million worth of surplus Concord grape juice to help stabilize industry prices.

“Western New York grape growers had an excellent year, resulting in a surplus of Concord grape juice, which poses challenges for managing inventory and stabilizing prices,” Langworthy said. “I’m grateful that the USDA has agreed to purchase $45 million in surplus juice to distribute to various nutrition assistance programs, benefitting communities in need across the nation as well as our grape growers. I’m always proud to advocate for the hardworking agricultural community in our region and ensure they have a seat at the table in Washington.”

The USDA’s Section 23 allows for the purchase of surplus agricultural products to support domestic markets and address food insecurity. The $45 million purchase of surplus Concord grape juice under this program will benefit grape growers in New York and other states.

In his February letter to the USDA, Congressman Langworthy stated, “Bonus buys have served as an effective way to stabilize Concord markets, and carryover inventories across the industry will be at their highest level in nearly two decades. These extraordinarily large crops threaten to upend Concord markets in New York, Washington, and Michigan.”

New York’s 23rd Congressional District is home to a thriving grape industry which contributes 9,597 jobs to our economy. As a member of the House Committee on Agriculture, Congressman Langworthy is uniquely positioned to advocate for policies and initiatives that support the continued growth and sustainability of this vital sector.


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