DAR chapters honor Mary Smith Lockwood, ‘Mother of the DAR’

Submitted Photos Lockwood Memorial Boulder attendees, left to right: Jennifer Page, Marjorie Page, Dawn Durow, Pauline Fox, Loretta Smith, Mary Whaley, Sandy Johnson, Vince Martonis, Donna Hunt (seated), Gene Smith, Tammy Lachner, Sara Johnson, Brayley Lachner, Sue Sipos, John Sipos.
A plaque honors Mary Smith Lockwood, the “Mother of the Daughters of the American Revolution.”

Daughters of the American Revolution chapters from Silver Creek (Major Benjamin Bosworth), Jamestown (Jamestown Chapter NSDAR), and Westfield/Fredonia (Major Benjamin Prescott), met at the Lockwood Memorial Boulder at Smith’s Mills recently to honor Mary Smith Lockwood.

Hanover Historian Vince Martonis was the guest speaker. He detailed the history of Mary Smith Lockwood being born in Smith’s Mills in 1831, the daughter of Henry and Beulah (Blodgett) Smith, and later moving to Washington, D.C., passing in 1922 at age 91. She was the granddaughter of Isaac Smith, the first settler of Smith’s Mills. Her husband was Henry C. Lockwood of Silver Creek, a Civil War veteran.

Her article, “Women Worthy of Honor,” in the July 13, 1890, issue of the Washington Post was the catalyst for the formation of the DAR on Oct. 11, 1890, during a meeting at the Lockwood home. She was the NSDAR’s first Historian General and Editor of their magazine, among other positions she held. She is recognized as one of the four Founders and is referred to as the “Mother of the DAR.”

She encouraged the preservation of historical papers and artifacts, resulting in the building of Constitution Hall in Washington. Besides promoting women’s clubs and being the founder of the famous Travel Club, she was an advisor to Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She was also Lady Manager at Large at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893 and the author of many articles and books.

Members and guests were thankful to Kim Woodward whose property borders the historic site for taking care of the site, planting flowers, and even generously providing lemonade and cookies as a treat for the attendees. Neighbor James Hilliker also attended and brought along some Smith’s Mills history. Also representing Hanover was board member Aimee Rogers of Forestville, who graciously took photos for everyone.


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