‘Not a pole barn’: Construction proceeds on Arkwright highway building

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen Progress has been made on the building addition of the Town of Arkwright Highway Department garage.

ARKWRIGHT — The process of getting a new Highway Department building in the town has taken a long time, but from the looks of it, the building will last a long time as well.

“The building is coming along really well,” said Town of Arkwright Supervisor Brian McAvoy. He also noted, “We’re not calling it a pole barn anymore. It’s not a pole barn. … It’s way more than that.”

After a recent construction meeting, McAvoy noted that the sentiment of the meeting was that the building was “going to be around a long time.” McAvoy called it a “multi-generational building.”

The Town Board approved the initial payment to NCI Construction for the structural work of the new building addition. The Town has also made payments for the electrical work on the building. The Town also plans to add additional cladding and roofing upgrades to the current structure. A change order for additional cladding and roofing was approved by the Board not to exceed $15,000.

The Town Board also approved the 2024 Highway Plan, in which Town of Arkwright Highway Superintendent Lisa Waldron is authorized to spend $533,879 for upgrades to Town roads.

“It shows that we’re continuing to improve the quality of the roads in Arkwright,” McAvoy said. “… I have a lot of confidence in what Lisa and the crew are doing, and so far, that confidence hasn’t been misplaced.”

The Town also approved annual stipends of $500 for Highway Department workers in lieu of a uniform contract. The Town will buy out of the remaining time on the current uniform contract.

The Town is also evaluating options for a “cleanup day” for its residents to dispose of unwanted items. More discussion will come at a later date.

McAvoy also plans to move forward with presenting a resolution to the Town Board in opposition of wind turbines in Lake Erie. McAvoy stated his stance in favor of renewable energy sources, but not in the lake. A resolution is expected to be presented at a future meeting.

“I won’t put forward a resolution that’s anti-wind (energy) personally. Every form of energy has some drawbacks,” McAvoy said. “… but putting them in the lake is a whole different ballgame.”

In addition, no action has been taken yet regarding a tax exemption for firefighters or for senior citizens. More discussion is expected in the coming months, as well. The Town will also hold a Board of Assessment Review meeting May 28.


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