Author visits Brocton

Author visits Brocton

The third-graders at Brocton Elementary welcomed guest speaker, author, and royal historian, Professor Justin Vovk into their library class. “We are learning about primary sources and how to research a topic authentically,” said Brocton librarian Jacob Galofaro, pictured at left. “And for them to meet and learn from an author and researcher who can show them actual historic primary sources and how much these artifacts teach us was exciting. Vovk is the author of the award-winning “Imperial Requiem: Four Royal Women” and “The Fall of the Age of Empires” and is a contributing writer to the European Royal History Journal. Vovk is also a regular guest commentator on a variety of media outlets and will finish his doctoral degree in the fall. “Students were able to learn about a career as an author and a researcher. They were able to see actual historical documents that inform history. It really started a great dialogue about citing sources, where we get our information, and nonfiction reading and writing,” said Galofaro. This year, Galofaro has really invested time in teaching his students in grades three to five how to use databases to find literary sources.


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