Bobseine receives Restore Freedom party nod

Mike Bobseine, the Democratic Party and Working Families Party Candidate for the Assembly seat currently held by retiring Assemblymember Andy Goodell, has gained a third independent party line for the upcoming fall election.

Bobseine will also be the candidate representing the independent Restore Freedom Party.

“I am excited to have gained this third – and independent – party line for November,” said Bobseine. “In my campaigning I have found numerous Republicans and voters who do not affiliate with any of the major parties who want to ‘vote the person, not the party’ and prefer to vote on an independent party line. The Restore Freedom Party provides that opportunity to support me without having to vote on either of my other lines.”

Bobseine’s campaign collected over 2,000 signatures to qualify for the Restore Freedom Party; while 1,500 signatures were required. Bobseine, and his wife of over 40 years, Chautauqua County Legislator Susan Parker, collected more than 700 signatures working together.

“We had a tremendous group of people helping us collect these signatures from voters who do not affiliate with a party or who are not registered with any of the four main parties in New York. They are not affiliated with the Republican, Conservative, Democratic or Working Families Parties, nor are they affiliated with several older parties: the Green, Liberal, or Independent Parties.

“Susan and I and our army of volunteers – many who never carried a political petition before – met literally thousands of people and heard about their problems and concerns.

“These voters – and the thousands more we will be meeting over the next five months – have and will help me understand and best represent the needs of our 150th Assembly District.

“I am pleased that we can offer our voters the independent Restore Freedom Party as a choice on the November ballot,” concluded Bobseine.


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