Dunkirk offers lake safety tips

With summer arriving, our location on the shores of Lake Erie gives our community members and visitors ample opportunity to enjoy swimming, fishing, boating, and other recreational activities. Although we are fortunate to have this resource, it can also create many hazards. The Dunkirk Fire Department is hoping that everyone enjoys all of what our waterfront has to offer, with special awareness to the following:


– Swim in designated areas only.

– Never swim alone.

– Children should be supervised at all times while swimming.

-Do not dive, always enter the water feet first.

– No swimming in the Dunkirk Harbor and Channel. These areas have strong current, deep water and heavy vessel activity.

– No swimming off of or next to the cliff areas and break walls. Waves hitting these can throw a swimmer into them. The waves also create a rip current.


– Wear a Personal Floatation Device (life jacket).

– Have your safety equipment accessible and in working order.

– Always maintain a lookout.

– Travel at a safe speed.

– Always check weather and marine forecasts.

– Stay clear of cliffs and breakwaters.

– Be mindful of swimmers.


– Never leave children unattended.

– Stay off all cliffs and unstable areas.

– Do not enter prohibited areas.

– Use the Reach, Throw, Row, Go method if attempting to rescue a person in the water.

– Consider learning C.P.R.

The water can provide many with pleasurable experiences but can also be unforgiving. Please take proper safety into consideration when planning an outing on or around our water.


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