Closer look needed at the voting rolls

Study elections on social media and you may find yourself conflating voter registration lists with dishes. Dishes get dirty; soap and hot water are the solution. When voter rolls are called “dirty,” meaning they are filled with fake names, dead people, junk data, altered votes and other felonies, soap and water are useless.

The important difference is that dirty dishes are rarely, if ever, used to destroy a nation by illegally taking control of its multi-trillion dollar economy, and then blaming the citizens for “voting for it.”

Further substantiating that “dirty” voter rolls are actually uninvestigated election fraud, U.S. Congress passed a law mandating accurate and current voter registration lists in 1993. Since elections contain voters, votes and counts, when you start with a bad voter list, you inevitably end up with a corrupted election. The National Voter Registration Act was passed to protect the civil rights of every American to a voter roll containing only known, eligible citizens.

Civil rights laws are often perceived as protecting minority populations from racial discrimination, and that is one way these laws have thankfully been used. But the basis of rights in America comes from a radical idea: that the role of government is to protect our rights including individual sovereignty. No one has the inherent authority to rule us, unless we break the law. The United States Supreme Court recently reaffirmed this principle of natural civil rights in 2023, saying “[o]ur Constitution is color-blind.”

There is only one civil right so important that it was written into the original U.S. Constitution, not added later in the Bill of Rights: the right to representative government. Our elections do not empower leaders; in America we choose someone to voice our concerns. If you are one of the millions of Americans concerned about drug use and overdose, the sanctity of human life, education and morality, access to natural health options, rising crime and entitlement, control of our national sovereignty at the borders, and many other reasonable issues affecting a stable civil society, you don’t feel listened to right now. Our representation is superficial; we can tell because the American people keep coming in last.

There is every reason to equate this with the simple fact that our voter rolls are corrupted beyond recognition. When was the last time you needed law enforcement to investigate how your dishes became unwashable? Statewide registration lists have anywhere from 14% to 38% registration error rates. These measurements are based on searching the official lists for registration records that violate clear law and/or represent invalid entries. Election officials who cry “It’s too hard to be accurate!” are standing down on their duty, the law and our country.

Auditors volunteering with United Sovereign Americans measured the effect of registration fraud on the 2022 midterm vote, carefully counting every instance when invalid voters were granted ballots. Voting error rates above 12% are the norm, and spike as high as 20%. That’s right, according to the state’s own data, one out of every five votes in Pennsylvania was attached to a registration record that is facially invalid, making it an illegal act to count those votes.

For perhaps the first time in our history as a nation the issue of standing to sue, in a civil rights case, appears to apply to an extraordinary cohort – the entire citizenry. Our right to choose representatives is drowning in uncertainty, error, and official misconduct.

United Sovereign Americans is determined to bring this litigation in state after state, demanding that the law be followed in the 2024 election. Join with us in our citizen movement to save our country. There is no such thing in law as dirty voter rolls.

Marly Hornik is executive director of New York Citizens Audit.


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