Cherry Creek puts dissolution on the table

OBSERVER Photo by Amanda Dedie The Cherry Creek village board discusses dissolution at its November board meeting Monday night.


OBSERVER Staff Writer

CHERRY CREEK — Following in Forestville’s wake, the village of Cherry Creek has put the topic of dissolution on the table at a November village board meeting.

Not a lot was discussed in terms of logistics — in fact, everyone seemed to be pretty OK with the fact that come March election, there may no longer be a village of Cherry Creek. The board matter-of-factly discussed when the public referendum would be, which has to be 60 to 90 days from the November board meeting and will be held Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. at the village library.

The next step is accepting a proposal from Rochester-based CGR, a leading, non-profit management consultant. CGR plans on doing a study of the dissolution of the village. This study will look into everything, from the benefits and repercussion of dissolving, to giving an idea of districts and  the duties that the village carries out for its residents.

“If we don’t do this before the vote, we’re asking for people to vote in the fog. However it comes out, it comes out, but (this is information) people need to know before they vote,” Mayor Bruce Fish said .

The study will run about $15,000, with about 90 percent to be provided by grant funding, which CGR will do the legwork on getting. The other 10 percent has to come from the village, in a way yet to be determined.

The mayor believes that the information that comes from the study should be available to residents before they cast their vote.

“They will interview Lisa and I and whoever they can from the town for information,” Fish said. “They’ll need to know what we do and make some kind of proposal of what we want to see continue.”

“I think we and the taxpayers deserve a look at that,” Trustee Mike Seivert  said.

“It’s great to say you’ll save a village tax, but there’s more to it than that,” Fish conceded.


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