Another water main breaks in Fredonia

In Sunday’s article, “Another water main breaks in Fredonia,” Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis thanked Street Department Superintendent Perry Mitchell and his crew. It is a correction from the article that wrote Landis thanked Chris Surma, the chief water operator.

A water main break occurred in the greater Berry Road area Saturday morning and was found around 10 a.m. For a short time Saturday, Fredonia Mayor Athanasia Landis asked residents in the area to conserve water, while some noticed discoloration due to the main break.

The break was fixed near 5 p.m. Mayor Landis noted that it took around four and a half hours to fix.

“It was a large water main break,” Landis said. “(Saturday) morning we found out because we lost quite a bit of water. However, luckily enough, it was very close to residents — two houses — and those people called. It was early enough where it was found and fixed.

“A couple of houses had colored water after that,” Landis added. “That was to be expected.”

As of 7 p.m. Saturday, Landis said that the water in the affected area are clean and tested.

Water main break has not been uncommon to residents of the area. On Nov. 29, 2017, the OBSERVER reported that more than 20 water main breaks occurred in the last two months (meaning October and November). The main breaks and water issues were the catalyst for Mayor Landis issuing a state of emergency for the village on Nov. 28.

As part of the state of emergency, seven specific streets were listed as sites that need remedy of discoloration of water. They are: Middlesex Drive, James Place, Cottage Street, Pleasant Avenue, Forbes Place, Carol Avenue and Holmes Place. The discoloration was attributed to rust from deteriorating, old pipes.

The latest update is still the same as the village is applying for an emergency loan estimated to be around $800,000.

“We are in a state of emergency still,” Landis said. “As you can see, we had a water main break (Saturday). But we are applying for an emergency loan, it’s the same but we are moving along. We hope by the end of the year, the six streets we applied for, will be fixed.”

The next Fredonia Village Board meeting will be Feb. 12 at the village hall.

“I want to thank the people who called to let me know what happened and very importantly, our Street Department Superintendent Perry Mitchell and his crew, who were quick to find the problem and the crew who worked hard in cold, rainy conditions,” Landis said. “That was not the perfect Saturday, but I thank them for their work.”

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