Damaged goods

Fredonia Village Hall, Russell Joy hit by vandals

Submitted Photo This photo posted by Mayor Athanasia Landis on Facebook shows the term NWO in green spray paint on Russell Joy Park’s sign.

Several establishments in Fredonia were vandalized with the term NWO in green spray paint.

Among the places hit Wednesday night through Thursday morning were village hall, the police department, American Legion, Masonic Temple and Russell Joy Park. Stop signs and street signs were also sprayed green.

The village Street’s Department on Thursday canvassed the village and removed what they could. Mayor Athanasia Landis expressed her regret over what occurred in the village.

“Someone took the time to make these things to destroy (property),” she told the OBSERVER. “We have to take time with our street’s department. Instead of cleaning after the storm we had to dedicate people to go and clean. That’s something that we all pay for this to be cleaned up.”

Landis said the Fredonia Police Department is investigating. Those with knowledge about the crime are asked to call Fredonia police at 679-1531.