Old Silver Creek school to be assessed

OBSERVER Photo by Damian Sebouhian The original Silver Creek school located at 60 Main St. was given permission by the village to be assessed by Region Nine Housing Corporation.

SILVER CREEK — The Silver Creek Village Board approved a resolution during a recent meeting to allow Region Nine Housing Corporation access to the former Main Street school for the purposes of conducting a structural condition assessment.

“There’s a proposal on the county table to do an inspection and assessment for refurbishing and (possibly) saving and reusing (the school property),” explained Mayor Jeffrey Hornburg. “There’s speculation that somebody wants to come in and renovate it. Because of the condition of the building, they need authority to go in there and do that.”

The building has been vacant since 1978 and has been a long-standing eyesore and safety hazard for the community. Several plans through the years have been made to restore the building. None have gotten past the planning stage.

Although Hornburg said the former school has “nothing to do with Silver Creek,” and that this new process of conducting an assessment is through the county, “we have to give (Region Nine) permission to go on the property to survey it.”

“Region Nine is the corporation that’s going to hire the contractor to go inside to scope out the condition of the building,” Hornburg said. “(The proposal) came from County Executive George Borrello,” he added. “We forwarded it to Village Attorney Peter Clark and he gave us the OK to sign it.”

No further information was released about when Region Nine plans to conduct the assessment.