Dunkirk mother concerned after child left after field trip

A concerned mother attended the Dunkirk Board of Education meeting, stressing awareness that another child doesn’t get forgotten like hers — after she was forgotten after a field trip.

Stephanie Kubera stood at the meeting saying her daughter excelled in elementary school and middle school. After an alleged shooting threat directed toward the district, Kubera claimed that around 150 students didn’t attend class that morning and the parents in the district were not alerted of the possible threat. This compounded the issue when her daughter was left after a field trip.

The students were brought to the Dunkirk Movieplex for an education experience.

“Thank God it wasn’t any farther,” Kubera said.

Kubera’s daughter and her friend were not on the returning bus to the district. Her daughter had a cell phone and contacted her grandmother for a ride.

“I am just lucky that my daughter knew what to do and had an action plan because it was further or somebody else (pause) it’s a scary situation,” Kubera said. “I didn’t want anybody else to be in that predicament.”

Kubera met with Dunkirk Superintendent Dr. James Tracy and spoke about the issue.

“I think we took it for granted,” Kubera said. “It might have been an oversight, I am hoping. I just want to create awareness so it doesn’t happen again.”

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