Dunkirk water heading west

OBSERVER Photo by Jo Ward Formal copies of the map of the North Chautauqua County Water District, that will be hung in each participating municipality's offices.

OBSERVER Staff Report

It’s time to turn the tap.

The North Chautauqua County Water District has completed their first phase of the capital project to create a regional water system.

To officially celebrate the beginning of the transmission of water from the City of Dunkirk all the way to the village of Brocton and in-between to the towns of Portland, Pomfret and Dunkirk, a “Turn on the Tap” event has been set for Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 11 a.m. at the town of Portland water tank and new pump station located approximately 5 1/2 miles west of the city of Dunkirk on Route 5 near the Parkview Lane crossroad.

The event will include state, county and local representatives as well as district engineers Clark Patterson Lee and Kandey construction company.