Tensions rise over request on Evans policing

ANGOLA — Tension continues to grow between the Evans Taxpayers United Group and the town board.

At a meeting last week, Stan Radwan, who is a member of the taxpayers group, criticized the board for its recent Aug. 15 meeting in which he said the board engaged in “low-rent politics that will not be forgotten in the coming years.” Radwan made the remarks to the board in a prepared statement.

“I want to thank this board for showing Evans voters and the outside world what a ‘bully pulpit’ is! This board enabled the world outside of Evans to see democracy at its worst,” said Radwan, who worked for 22 years in the Buffalo Police Department and later worked for the New York State Insurance Fraud bureau.

Radwan was referring to the board barely acknowledging a recent petition of more than 700 signatures that were presented regarding the town police department on Aug. 12. The petition requests the Evans Town Board to hold public hearings on the cost of policing for residents and hold discussions on maintaining services while reducing costs.

The group wants that followed by a voter referendum on a proposal to consolidate the Evans Police Department into the Erie County Sheriff’s Department, including absorbing, according to law, as many Evans police officers as the Town Board requires.

The group claims there is a potential savings of $1.4 million with the possible consolidation of the Evans Police Department into the Erie County Sheriff’s Department.

At the Aug. 15 meeting, town Supervisor Mary Hosler said the department, despite the petition, would remain.

“You did this to satisfy a minor group of so-called professionals who conducted themselves as a mob and whom you constantly bribe with our tax dollars,” Radwan said of the presence of officers and firefighters at the last meeting. “But you, Mrs. Supervisor went further. You became the disgusting name calling mob leader. This three-person board then displayed further arrogance at the end of this meeting by their waving political shirts over their heads like teenage cheerleaders instead of acting as government leaders.”

Hosler had no comment on Radwan’s statement following the meeting.

OBSERVER correspondent Bradley Dankert contributed to this article.