Dunkirk discusses progress of water district

The talk of water came up again — this time at the city’s November Finance Committee meeting.

“As of today we’re averaging, to the district (North Chautauqua County Water District), 534,000 gallons of water a day,” City Treasurer Mark Woods said. “Of that, approximately 30,000 gallons would represent customers that were former users. We have an increase of 504,000 gallons a day. The analyst for the North County Water District projected about 800,000 additional gallons, but it’s early, and that included everything on the east side of the city, that has not happened yet.”

“How many accounts are we speaking of that will have to be levyed on the tax bill?,” Councilman-at-Large Andy Woloszyn asked, trying to catch up after a two-week leave of absence.

“There were 27 accounts,” Woods responded. “These are current tax bills that will be generated and collected anyway whether these were re-levyed or not. This is no additional collection and no money out of the residents of the town of Dunkirk. When these individuals pay their town and county tax bill, that additional charge will be on the bill and the entire bill will be collected by the town.”

Woloszyn cited the OBSERVER article regarding the Nov. 7 regular town of Dunkirk board meeting. He went on to state, that in his understanding, the arrears will only be collected from those responsible individuals on their tax bills who owe the money.

“So that money will not be prepaid or fronted by the town. It’s just an additional charge on their tax bills.”