Borrello talks strategy in Silver Creek

SILVER CREEK — Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello was in attendance at the first monthly meeting of the Village of Silver Creek Board as part of his new initiative going into 2019.

“Tonight (starts) my new initiative for 2019. … I intend to visit every municipal meeting in the county,” said Borrello at the meeting. “And I figured, what better place to start than right here in my backyard here in Silver Creek.”

Borrello’s new initiative coincides with his county-wide economic development alliance, which focuses on creating strategies for economic development and growth throughout Chautauqua County. “In the county, we’re doing everything we can this year to unite and collaborate with as many municipal governments as possible,” Borrello stated, before further elaborating specifically on Silver Creek’s place in that plan.

“We’re still working diligently to try and find a solution for the old Main Street school. We are making progress; we have an organization that’s interested, Region Nine Housing Corporation, out of New Jersey. (They’re) interested in putting a senior living facility there.”

The old school has been vacant since 1978 and a structural condition assessment took place recently to evaluate its condition. “Recently we had an environmental study done there to try and determine if we’re eligible for Brownfield money,” Borrello said of the assessment. “Turned out there was not enough there to qualify for Brownfield money, which is I guess also good news, that there’s no contamination there.”

Borrello also brought up Hideaway Bay, regarding it as a lucrative property for future Athenex employees, though its still seeking the perfect buyer and vision. “With Athenex coming in just a few miles down the road, that’s going to be a great opportunity,” Borrello said. “We’re still looking to find a suitable buyer and project for the old Hideaway Bay property, but I firmly believe it’s something that will allow some kind of affordable waterfront living situation, apartments, condos, etc. to give folks who will be working at Athenex, the chance to buy something on the water in an affordable area to live, rather than commute here from elsewhere.”

Borrello concluded his comments on the new year with optimism for Silver Creek. “I’m excited about where we are and where we’re going,” Borrello stated. “I appreciate the support I get from my own hometown here, and I look forward to having more collaborations.”