Dunkirk resident concerned about sanctuary cities in New York State

A concerned citizen in the city of Dunkirk shared a letter recently received from Sen. Cathy Young’s (R- Olean) office, in regard to sanctuary cities in New York state.

According to Young, the New York Assembly has passed legislation that would designate New York as a sanctuary state. The measure would prohibit state and local police from cooperating with federal immigration authorities regarding the immigration status of most individuals who are arrested, detained or report crimes as well as those who apply for state or local services or benefits. The measure would also provide taxpayer-funded legal representation to immigrants facing deportation.

Dunkirk or Chautauqua County is currently not on a list of sanctuary areas. The Center for Immigration Studies reports, as of May 30, notes that within New York state right now there are five sanctuary counties, Franklin, Nassau, Omondaga, St. Lawrence and Wayne; and three cities, Ithaca, Albany and New York.