Grant assists Hanover Hose upgrades

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski One of Hanover Hose Fire Department’s fire trucks outside the front of the newly upgraded Fire Station. This big guy holds 3,000 gallons of water, half of the department’s total 6,000 gallons on hand.

HANOVER — The Hanover Hose Fire Department was the lucky recipient of a grant from 57th District Senator Catharine Young, as part of her $500,000 grant for volunteer and professional fire departments in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua and Livingston counties. The grant funding was designed to help local fire departments acquire or upgrade emergency equipment, safety gear and other critical apparatuses.

Steve Peters, Treasurer of Hanover Hose Fire Company No. 1, received the good news via a letter from Senator Young herself. “We got the check last week,” said Peters. “Hanover Fire Department received a state grant for Senator Cathy Young’s office for $9,500.”

The following is an excerpt from Young’s letter, expressing her thanks and gratitude to Hanover Hose: “I strongly support all of the important work that you do and appreciate the valuable services you provide. I am so proud of each fire department in my Senate district and truly appreciate the selfless dedication you show every day as you protect our communities. As a small token of thanks, I am happy to support your request for funding.”

Improvements are already in progress at the fire department, in fact, the majority of upgrades are already completed. “The steel walls were bare inside before the grant, we put insulation in with the money,” said Peters. “New steel on both ceiling and side walls covers up the foam insulation. The Amish did the walls. We got the lights redone with new LEDs.”

The entire project, estimated to cost $20,000 total, is expected to be complete early this summer. Senator Young’s grant put a large dent in the overall expenditures. “We’re looking at a $20,000 project, Young’s grant covered about half,” said Peters. “We’re about three quarters of the way done with the upgrades, the rest is expected to be completed as a summer project. We have to move around the pipes, it’s a good weather project for certain.”

The Hanover Hose Fire Department has a rich history detailing how the building came to be, which also exemplifies the hard work and dedication its firefighters. “Grape farmers originally made up Hanover Hose Fire Department, we’ve got about 20 active members now, 30 on roll call,” said Peters of the department’s history. “The Fire Hall is 50 plus years old. Originally, volunteers built most of the fire hall, and funding for the old projects came from tractor pulls we’d have right in the back lot.”

Already a full month into 2019, Hanover Hose hasn’t seen much action in terms of local fires, but they have been busy nonetheless. “It’s been quiet so far this year fire-wise, lots of emergency calls though,” said Peters. “For fires, it’s mostly aid to Silver Creek and Forestville Fire Departments. We’re lucky so far.”