County Conservatives back Borrello for Senate seat

George Borrello.

Conservative party chairwoman and member of the State Conservative Executive Committee Anna Wilcox has announced that the Chautauqua County Conservative Party will be supporting County Executive George Borrello for the recently vacated 57th district New York Senate seat held by Sen. Catharine Young.

In making her announcement, Wilcox had nothing but praise for the former senator. “It will be a long time before we see the likes of another Cathy Young. In the past 14 years she has appeared at countless school functions, local board meetings, parades, met with hundreds of local officials and business leaders, made herself available to the media, helped obtain grants for local fire departments and other organizations … the list goes on and on. In order to accomplish all that she did, she often worked 90 to 100 hours per week.

“Why? Well, I believe she did it because she really was interested in helping people, regardless of who they were. For Cathy Young, being an elected official wasn’t about a job, it was about service. And that service wasn’t just a belief — it’s who she is. Hers will be some big shoes to fill.”

As for the now empty 57th Senate seat, Wilcox went on to say, “after consulting with members of the Conservative Executive Committee and the State Conservative Party Chairman, Gerald Kassar; the Chautauqua County Conservative Party will be endorsing George Borrello for the 57th Senate seat. The reason for this is because of what has been happening in New York state since the Democrat Party picked up eight additional state Senate seats in the November election. Soon we will have legalization of marijuana, in spite of numerous studies warning about the harmful effects on the brains of adolescents. We now have one of the most liberal abortion laws in the country, one that borders on infanticide, whose signing into law by the governor was celebrated by cheering left-wing Democrat lawmakers.

“While some people may be apprehensive about losing a promising young county executive, it is imperative that the strongest and best qualified candidate run for this Senate seat.

“We need someone who believes that Catholics, Protestants, and people of faith should be respected, not ridiculed; that it is our right to own a gun, if we so choose, to protect our homes and our families; that being on welfare should be a temporary situation — not a permanent lifestyle, and that illegal immigrants should not go to New York State Universities tuition free, while hard working lower and middle class families take out mortgages and work two jobs to send their kids to college.

We need someone who will stand up and fight for the interests and beliefs of the people of the 57th district.

“We need George Borrello.”