Special meeting set, no update on Route 60 site work

OBSERVER Photo by J.M. Lesinski The water tank at Industrial Park in the Town of Sheridan.

Although there was no update regarding the recent site work on Route 60 near Williams Street, the Dunkirk Town Board still had much to discuss at its regular meeting Tuesday. A special meeting was set for March 28 at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Hall, to discuss changes to the Sheridan and east side area map plan.

“The county is meeting March 27,” Supervisor Richard Purol stated, regarding a separate county meeting on the same matter. “Everybody on the east side and all of Sheridan got the card of what the new map plan and review was for that area. There were a few different changes, one was that we wanted to extend Roberts Road to Sheridan … We were short on our money for the bid, we don’t want to charge the residents anymore.”

Purol went on to note, “We asked north county to pick that up, it will become part of north county anyways, we were about $270,000 off. I haven’t heard any legislators say they didn’t care for it, I think it will probably go through.”

In addition, Purol commented that according to the circulated postcard, changes to water tanks were likely.

“In the card, they’re talking about dismantling the one water tank at Industrial Park in the town of Sheridan,” Purol stated. “The town of Portland tank is coming down, those above ground tanks take a lot of maintenance and they don’t last as long.”

Town Attorney Jeffrey Passafaro also elaborated on the multifaceted purposes of the special meeting.

“You have three matters to consider,” Passafaro said, addressing Purol. “This is the amendment to your 202B proceeding for service area number one, we’re increasing the maximum cost to provide for the difference between the eight and twelve, each lines, plus whatever other items the engineer had as a result.”

Passafaro went on to say, “There are three matters before you, one is a reaffirmation under seeker that which you did back in 2016, that there is … no issue of negative declaration, the other is the approval of the amendment increasing the maximum cost to be expended from the 202B proceeding, and three is an amended bond resolution.”

In other news, a $1,500 bid from Clark Patterson was accepted for a Phase One environmental site assessment for a property located on the south corner of Arrowhead Drive and William Street.

“There’s a two-acre parcel, we would like to see if it’s a buildable lot,” Purol said of the site. “They’ll do record review, a site reconnaissance, interviews and the Phase One assessment reports.”

Code Enforcement Officer Ryan O. Mourer provided an update on the construction of the Well Now facility, noting a proposed finish date as well.

“Well Now is not done yet. I promised them by Friday this week they’d have a permit,” Mourer said. “Everything is in place. They’re hoping to put the shovel in the ground just after April 1. I think by probably July or August they’ll be done.”

Water easements were also discussed by Purol.

“I’m in the process of getting easements for meter pits for the east side of town. There’s six we’re trying to get, and I think we have one left on Brigham Road,” Purol said. “Anything that leaves the city of Dunkirk and goes into the town will have a master meter. Unfortuntely on the other side, there’s so many different spurs that are coming out we need more on the other side.”

Purol also noted that some possible waste dumping has been occurring on Vineyard Drive.

“We’ve had a problem with styrofoam blocks in the ditch on Vineyard Drive,” Purol noted. “They look like containers for some kind of storage, or materials being brought in. It looked like it was dumped, it seems there’s more than what would usually be found there.”


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