New town hall in the works for Arkwright

ARKWRIGHT — Arkwright residents may see a new town hall.

According to Town Supervisor Fred Norton, he and Councilman Larry Ball, met with three different architectural firms to discuss possible advisement on the proposed building. After whittling through the prospects, the board settled on CPL Architecture-Engineering-Planning out of Jamestown, the group who designed the Ellery Town Hall.

Representatives from CPL were present at the town meeting this week and briefly discussed their role in the early stages of this development.

“We would conduct a study for you to analyze what your needs are for the building,” a rep stated. “Where it should be sited, what site options you have, as well as access to the town residents. We’ll come up with a preliminary plan, review it with the board and put a budget to it.”

The cost of this advisement is about $1,000 give or take, depending on how much research the town intends to take on themselves, such as finding the land. Other areas the firm will aid in include advisement of soil conditions, preparing the needed specifications and working with contractors.

The board fielded various questions regarding the new hall; including the possible revamping of the existing facility and whether residents will have a say in its construction.

“It’ll be subject to either a permissive referendum or a mandatory referendum depending on the matter of financing,” Norton stated in regards to citizen input. “If the estimated cost exceeds what we have, then we’re going to have to borrow the money and that would require a mandatory referendum. We did not find the current structure satisfactory and that’s one of the reasons that we wanted to get an architect, to take a look at this building and its salvageable nature.”

The board did announce a workshop for further discussion of the possible new town hall design and construction which will be held Monday, May 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the town hall. Residents are invited to attend.