WWII restoration piques interest

SILVER CREEK — Discussion about restoring an old WWII sign that was on display at the VFW back in the 1940s, drew a good deal of attention from many in attendance at the latest Silver Creek Village board meeting.

Hanover Deputy Supervisor Louis Pelletter mentioned the sign, alongside several other historical plaques he’s currently vying for in the village. The wooden sign, entitled “The Role of Honor,” features the names of all WWII veterans from Hanover. The wood, unfortunately, was slowly ruined by rain over time.

“I’m thinking about doing something weather-proof,” Pelletter said of the project. “And if it isn’t too costly, there are a lot of names on it.”

Pelletter has been doing a great deal for the historical preservation of Silver Creek in the regular village historian’s extended absence, including the organization of the village’s historical archives.

“I’m not going to add anything at this time,” Pelletter noted of the names. “I’m just going to try and do the names on there.”

While it would be too much research to validate any new names, Pelletter does have historical photographs of the sign in better shape to ensure those already engrained get the accomodation they deserve. In addition to the photographs Pelletter has in the historic archives for reference, Silver Creek resident Bill Keppel also noted, “The VFW has a photograph of the names when they were clear and readable.”