Dunkirk Town Board talks roads, roofs, development

Between the results of the town board’s annual road tour, multiple project updates and 14 new building permits, summer looks primed to get very busy for the Town of Dunkirk.

The road tour results were discussed by Highway Superintendent Jeffrey Feinen during his report. “There’s a couple roads out on the east side of town,” Feinen began. “If I can get certain blessings, I’d like to oil those. The main projects we’ve already started out here, patching Willow Road, putting that back into shape. I’d like to put a coat of oil and stone on that, then get a line started for the county. That’s pretty much the biggest focus.”

Feinen went on to say that with the current water line construction taking place around the town, other projects would likely take more time to develop. “Otherwise, the roads are in pretty decent shape,” Feinen noted. “With the pending water installations, I think we should hold off a little bit, and wait and see what the roads look like before we plan much else, aside from regular maintenance.”

Town Supervisor Richard Purol also made the comment, “With both water lines going in, anything that’s not county or state will be open cut.”

Soon after, an update on the new dental building planned for Route 60 — called North Chautauqua Dental (NCD) at the sign on site — was given by Purol, via a notice from Code Enforcement Officer Ryan O. Mourer. “Currently working with the new medical/dental office development team on Route 60 near JCC,” Purol read. “They will be presenting an evaluation at the next meeting.”

Purol then made his own comment on the nature of the upcoming meeting, which is slated for the next town board meeting June 18. “What they (NCD) want to do is come in and just tell us what they want to do with this dental office,” Purol stated. “They’re still going to have to go for a site plan review, but they want to come in and just give us an idea of what’s going on, and what they need to do.”

From there, Purol mentioned the many other building permits the town is currently working with. “Approximately 14 building permits were issued in the last 30 days, many for roof replacements,” Purol said. “With the summer coming, I want to make sure that all residents realize that most roof work must be permitted by the Town of Dunkirk.”

With new state regulations, any intensive roof work in the Town of Dunkirk must be made known to the town, according to Purol. “State law now says that you can’t have more than two layers on your roof,” he noted. “It’s if you’re doing a roof replacement or a whole roof…to verify how many layers are on the roof.”

North Chautauqua County Water District bids for Bennett Road were also discussed, with the low bid coming from DJM Contracting. “April 30 was the bid opening for Bennett Road,” Purol commented. “The low bid was $1,308,660, and it happens to be the same contractor as the meter pits…DJM Contracting, out of Hamburg, I believe.”

In other news, Purol also noted that he went ahead with further repairs to the town’s sewer truck. “The sewer truck, after we got it fixed, needs a new transmission. Roughly $2,000, I authorized to have it done, and it should be done by Friday.”

The next meeting of the Dunkirk Town Board will be June 18 at 6:30 p.m.